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So Beautiful (The Devil's Circle: Legend of the Tramping Ground Score)James Scott Bullard

Fiction Vs. Fact

Film Synopsis:

Based on the legend of North Carolinas infamous: 'Devil's Tramping Ground.'

Pete Rutherford, a writer of true American ghost stories sees his stalemated career take a drastic diversion when he and his wife Faith accept an assignment in the deep south exploring a 200-year-old supernatural legend, the ancient 'Devil's Circle'.
A circular bare patch of land where nothing ever grows.
Local folklore proclaims tales of bizarre, unexplainable and freakish occurrences by visitors over the years.
He is warmly welcomed into town by the eccentric Sheriff, Roy, and coldly embraced by the intimidating and prophetic Kozar, an individual with a disturbing history relating to 'The Circle.'
Pete is skeptical of the local enthusiasm surrounding the legend and just wants to complete the assignment and go home.
However, when Faith mysteriously disappears while camping out on the actual location, he is urged by 'the powers that be' to press forward with telling the story, while frantically searching for his wife.
Pete potentially establishes the groundwork for a chilling prophecy that has simply been biding its time in releasing one final evil upon mankind.

Will the book's success come at a price too great?           

The Real Urban Legend of The Devil's Tramping Ground:

Unique, mysterious and old, The Devil’s Tramping Ground sits deep in the hinterlands of central North Carolina.
It resides on a remote isolated road, alone, seemingly untouched and silent. It may be undisturbed, but at the same time, disturbing.
Maybe this makes it all the more inviting.

The origin of its lore may date back to near American colonial times.
Its allure may stem from the fact that within its 40’ X 40’ diameter, nothing grows, something extremely rare for a heavily weeded rural area.
Recorded history has no chronical of any vegetation spawned within the circle. Hence, Colonial era superstition probably grew beyond imagination, and it continues to present day.

The Devil may prefer his Tramping Ground bare for a reason.
It’s his lair. The bareness allows the Prince of Darkness to tramp these grounds in circles in order to ‘think of new ways to cause the destruction and undoing of mankind’.
The possibilities for legend inducing storytelling are endless.
Of course, scientific rationale may reveal varying explanations for such anomalies…but what fun would that be?
Let’s tell some stories and spook ourselves beyond belief and keep the Legend alive with a compelling story and a quality film that visualizes the experience for us! 

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