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Dictation recorded from the interview with John and Jane Doe (They prefer to remain anonymous) as recorded by writer Zachary Evans, Eebruary 11th, 2019-. 2:21 pm

ZACH: Ok, so can you tell me what happened on your visit to The Devil’s Circle? The best of your knowledge?
JOHN: Sure, pretty simply story actually, We had never been to The Devil’s Circle, but had always wanted to check it out. So on a rather cold day in January, and not having much else to do that Sunday afternoon, we decided to check it out. Believe it was close to two o’clock when we got there. Spot was empty. Not a soul there. Empty. Quiet. There’s a bare dirt lot right in front of it for parking.
ZACH: Gotcha.
JOHN: Well...the first weird thing that happened to us...when we goT there..after we pulled I tried to back the car up to park it better....and it wouldn't get into reverse!
ZACH: Were you stuck?
JOHN: Not at all. ...I wouldn't go into reverse! At first I thought it was a ditch. But when i got out, there was no ditch!
ZACH: Nothing mechanical?
JOHN: Well, I’m a mechanic (laughs), but more on that later…figured I’ll check it later, wanted to check The Circle out. So we left it like that. Wasn't that big of a deal. But we have no explanation as to why car wouldn't go into reverse. But let me continue. Well...anyway....when we got to walking around the circle...she started puking her guts out and couldn't stop!
ZACH: Were you sick, Jane? (Jane shakes her head.)
ZACH: I see.
JOHN: Being sick is one thing, but once she got on the Circle, she immediately starts walking on he edge of it like a merry go round, and started puking every few feet while walking the diameter there. Couple steps…BARF! Couple more steps…BARF! ….few more…BARF! Really weird man, must’ve lost all her innards. But she walked an even circle, say that for her! Despite blowing her guts out!
ZACH: So then what did you do?
JOHN: So we knew we couldn't stay any longer. Had to get her out of there. She was really looking peaked. I grab her and start to walk her back to the car. And you know what? Suddenly,
the car just starts! On its own! I don’t have one of the remote thingys, it just started for us! So I get her in the car, get myself in the car, ‘course I don’t have to start it (laughs), and take off.
ZACH: Did it go in reverse this time?
JOHN: Hell man, I was too anxious to get the hell outta there, didn’t even check it at that moment.
ZACH: Did she stop vomiting?
JOHN: At that moment, she did.
ZACH: Do you have anything to add about that day, Miss Jane? You’ve been awfully quiet.
JOHN: Oh she can’t talk no more. Not since that day, haven’t heard a peep out of her. That was five years ago, and we ain’t been back since. Not even near it. But that’s ok, mute or not, I still love her (laughs).

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