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I Saw Lydia

I saw Lydia on the road in front of The Devi’s Circle once. I swear. My car completely died out in front of it. Mysteriously died rather, like a fricking horror movie. Go figure. I’m like Shit!’

I glance up and out of the window, standing right there and down at me, The Lady in White, The Phantom Hitchhiker, Lydia. True story, she was killed out in front of there, killed in a hit and run right in front of The Devil’s Circle.

Her white dress was bloody, blood streaks running down her face.

‘Take me home, sir?’ Lydia asked. ‘Sure if my car would start!’ I felt like saying.

Next thing you know, she’s already in my backseat! But not looking as beat up like a sec ago. Now if I recall the legend, she would let drivers pick her up a couple miles further up the road, then lead them here to The Circle! Where she died!

Not in my case!

Then my started again. And she was no longer in the car!

I’ve never been back there again! And I won’t go anywhere near it. That place is a piece of work!

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